Internet Money with a Website - Where to start?

Nowdays the technology is an important aspect of our life. We got to a point where is hard the imagine how it feels like to live without all the gadgets. Yes, it’s true, Internet can serve to many things, including making money. So, where to start?

1.Get a job

Well, we have to open our list with the harsh reality. It may take months before you start making good money in virtual world (or any money at all), meanwhile you will have to survive somehow – pay your bills, buy food and raise some capital for the different online ventures that are to come. Take your time to research the direction you want to take (dropshipping, affiliate marketing, host reselling etc.) and stick with it. Do not jump from idea to idea, or else you will achieve nothing.

2. The setup

Now that you have saved some money you and researched your method you are good to go. You will need a domain (preferable for it to be .com/.net/.org) for the first year it will cost pretty cheap ($0.99-$6). However for the following years it will be around $12. Now that you have a domain, you will need a host for your website. There are plenty of offers out there, but we warmly recommend you ScalaHost. He have never seen such low prices for such a good quality. Not only the fee is low, but also it includes FREE support from a professional team. Not to mention the rest of advantages. Once everything bought, you can install WordPress (or your favorite CMS) and start customizing your website.

3. Start investing

For sure you ask yourself, why the first step included saving some money for the website if the setup is not that expensive. Well, for sure you are familiar with the saying ,,It takes money to make money”. So you will need to invest into buying high quality back links, a premium wordpress theme, some articles, maybe some premium wordpress plugins (it all depends on your needs and on what your website will focus) and of course the last but not least – ads. Your website has little to no value if it has no traffic, you will need people visiting your website and eventually buying products/services. There are many ways to advertise like Facebook Ads, Google Ads. As well you should consider to adjust your website to attract organic traffic. Find out more about SEO (search engine optimization) here.

4. What about some ads?

Now that your website has a constant increasing traffic, you add content on a regular basis – it’s the time to think about displaying some ads on your website. For sure it depends on the type of content your website is based on. Maybe you are already making money by selling services/products, but having some ads on is a not a bad touch (of course as long as they are not excessive). If your website is based on adult content, you can find such ad networks with a fast google search.

5. Time to scale up or sale

You should look at every website you run like it is a business. And every business that do not develops – is in decline. Now that you have a website that brings some stable revenue you can start a new website – you can try something new or go with something similar to the first one. This way you can use the first website to bring traffic to the second one – to grow it faster. Of course you may want to sell the website if you think you could use the money to start something bigger and better to make even more money.

Here are our simplified steps about making money online by starting a website. There are many details that still have to be addressed, so make sure to check our other articles about building a successful online present.

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